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Futurist periodicals

For the Futurists periodicals served – in contrast to the “libri passatisti” (traditional books) – as very modern means of communications of an adequate form and also provided room for lively discussion. The authors often responded to each other from one periodical to the next, also ending up in polemics which made history: one of the last articles published in “Lacerba” was entitled “Futurismo e Marinettismo” (1915, signed by Papini, Soffici, and Palazzeschi) and distinguished the “futurismo fiorentino” (Florentine Futurism) – in this moment primarily “futurismo lacerbiano” – from the Milanese Futurism.

In 1916, the Florentine futurist experience continues with L’Italia Futurista. The editor Settimelli dissociates his periodical from “Lacerba” by calling L’Italia Futurista “the first dynamic Italian periodical”.

The digital version of “L’Italia futurista” also complements the ambitious project “Le riviste futuriste” undertaken by CIRCE (catalogo informatico riviste culturali europee, University of Trento), which, from the years 2003 to 2007 and in collaboration with the MART in Rovereto, has put online eleven periodicals (among others Poesia, Lacerba, Dinamo, Noi,…). The connection with them, as well as with further databases with open access is planned.