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Mina Loy in Florence, 1909 (Foto made by Stephen Haweis, courtesy of Roger L. Conover)

Mina Loy (1882-1966)

Beautiful and intelligent cosmopolitan, polyglot author scandalous erotic verses, biting satires and elegies destructive, progressive inventor creative painting fantasies and artistic designs, all embodied Mina Loy. As one of the protagonists of the European-American modernism Mina Loy much on intellectual and cultural exchange all major avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century was involved. Within a decade (about 1915-1925), she gained a reputation as an emancipated woman, more so an almost legendary figure, "Who, if not, is the modern woman," proclaimed the New York Evening Sun in 1917 and rose the writer and artist to the rank of a female prototype of the modern age.

Of the art training in Victorian London [...]